Preguntas Frecuentes

1) Do you sell retail?

-We do not sell retail, only wholesale.

2) How much is the minimum purchase?

-The minimum purchase is 100,000 colones.

3) Do you ship?

-Yes, we ship to everything to any country. Shipping cost in Costa Rica = 2,000 colones. Shipping cost to the rest of the world = 10,000 colones ($ 17)

4) Do you accept credit cards?

-Yes, we accept all credit and debit cards. Or bank deposit. We have bank accounts at Banco Nacional, Banco BAC San José and BCR. We also accept SINPE MOBILE. You can pay by credit card using the Buy Click from Banco BAC San José. At the end of your purchase, request your Click Purchase at WhatsApp 8834-0095 then we will send you a link where you can pay directly to the bank (we do not obtain your data). The Compra Click is completely safe with the support of Banco BAC San José. 

5) If I place an order, how long do I have to wait to receive it?

-2-3 business days 

6) Where are they located?

-We are located in Costa Rica but we do not have a physical store, we sell only through our online store

7) Are the prices wholesale?

-Yes, the published prices are their wholesale prices and we suggest selling twice.

8) What can I buy with 100,000 colones?

-You can distribute the 100,000 colones in 925 silver and / or stainless steel jewelry.

9) Is the jewelry guaranteed?

-Our jewelry is guaranteed as long as it is not due to mishandling by the customer.

10) Do you give me credit when buying?

-We do not work with a credit system.

11) Do you have a magazine or catalog to show my clients?

-We do not have but you can download the images from our website and create your own catalog.

12) What requirements do you ask for to join me?

-We do not work with affiliation.

13) How much is the profit? 

-The profit is 100% that is, twice the price that appears on our website.

14) If I don't sell a piece of jewelery, will you exchange it for another piece?

-We do not work on consignment, nor do we exchange jewelry.

15) Do I always have to buy 100,000 colones?

-No, after the initial purchase of one hundred thousand you can buy a minimum of 50,000 colones using your personal account that was created when buying on our website.